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I was born in Munich, L.A. is my secret love but I lost my heart in London. I am a fashion designer turned Trend Scout and worked in this business (for the U.S. Market) for many years before I returned to my hometown of Munich where I started (amongst countless other projects) this blog. I love fashion of the past, present and future and believe in fashion as a language and a tool that we should all use wisely. I get inspired by designerwear, but I believe in the concept of individuality and personality more than in a ‘look of the day’. Money has got nothing to do with style. Style has got everything to do with personality. A beautiful piece from a second hand store makes me as happy as an expensive pair of shoes that I carry home after thinking about it for weeks. I like to maintain, re-use and pass on beautiful things. It’s the concept of Tupperware translated into fashion that appeals to me: Vintage to modern design, you can keep it forever, it’s environment friendly, makes sense and you can pass it on to your grand-children. OK, fashion should maybe be a bit more extravagant….

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I live in Munich, with my photographer husband, two daughters and a dog. I work as a blogger, illustrator, print designer and at a gallery in Munich. My hobbies are fashion, food, travel and TV series. For further inquiries: