Swinging back and forth between a quiet village in northern Franconia and London’s East End the Aga-Tomlins remain true to their own world.Feli (raised in Germany to a Norwegian father and a German mother) and Joel (from Sheffield, a true Yorkshire man) are both exceptional artists with a very unique understanding for colour and shape. Their two sons Eoban and Cedric are raised trilingual and look like they stepped right out of a Charles Dickens novel. The Aga-Tomlins are a perfect mix of contemporary and vintage, old values and modern ideas. They are part of the new tribe of cosmopolitan traditionalists.

His soul is English and England of a past century is where his heart lies. Living in Berlin with his Irish Wolfhound ‘Peggy’ Bernd is a nomad.He has got various homes, all decorated with a great love for detail and history yet his heart is not set on material things. Rather one precious, handmade pair of Hermès boots than 10 pairs of ordinary ones – that’s all there is to say about Bernd…and that he is an extraordinary costume designer….draws like Michelangelo…and doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Mother and daughter. Brigitta is an artist/photographer and Clara a fashion designer/artist. They are both slightly excentric non-conformists, love the extraordinary without trying too hard to provoke. They have similar professions and preferences, yet very different personalities. They give each other freedom and respect and get back inspiration and love. That by itself is a great source of inspiration.

Former costume designer turned corset designer turned fashion and homewear designer. She loves the old and the new, art and craft, America and Europe. She treasures a cheap fleamarket find just as much as an expensive designer piece and knows that in the end it’s all about the right pair of shoes. Still East Coast girl at heart she lives with her family in Los Angeles where she designs her beautiful line.

He feels as comfortable in a blacksmith’s shop with a heavy leather apron around his neck as in an exquisit restaurant wearing a stylish suit. He lived in New York, L.A. and Berlin, worked as a model and knows life in all it’s variety. He looks as sleek in sweatpants as in designer labels and when he rushes by on his bike wearing his russian army pilot hat you get a feeling as if he belonged more into the air than on the ground.

Born in Germany, living and working in Paris (with a brief London intermezzo), Dodo combines the best of those worlds in her person. Dedicated to her work as a fashion and footwear designer, very meticulous when it comes to details, well organized and structured she brings along a lot of good german virtues. Eating unpronounceable, unidentifiable french food and actually enjoying it, traveling alone to unknown places and being open for any kind of adventure makes her very cosmopolitan and hard to classify – and so is her style and her beaitiful footwear line.

He loves hats. The number of hats he owns is countless, the differences sometimes minimal. Gunnar loves minimal. And he sees minimal. He is the ‘Styleclicker’, one of the godfathers of german street style photography and he can separate the wheat from the chaff, being able to decide in a split second if a style is worth a ‘click’ or not. That takes a special eye for detail and that’s what he has got. Gunnar is half-swedish but lives with his family in Munich, Germany.

Curator and Photographer. Cat lover and free spirit. Copenhagen and Munich. Jörg travels the world, is a true cosmopolitan, but he never lost touch with his bavarian heritage. He is rarely seen without a small camera in his pocket. ‘Getting the big picture without overlooking the small details’ that’s Jörg’s trade mark. Always a littel pin or a button somewhere, a necklace from India for good karma, a leather covered watch that doesn’t tell the time – and a camera that doesn’t tell the time.

A woman of many talents and interests – writer, filmmaker, artist and fashion eccentric. She has got the aura of an 80s it-girl, floats around the world and doesn’t fit into age, place or time patterns. Jovana lives with her husband Ludwig in Munich, Germany.

I was born in Munich, L.A. is my secret love but I lost my heart in London. I am a fashion designer turned Trend Scout and worked in this business for many years, before returning to my hometown of Munich where I started (amongst countless other project) this blog. I love fashions of the past, present and future and believe in fashion as a language and tool that we should all use. I get inspired by designerwear, but I believe in a concept of individuality and personality more than in trendy looks. Money has got nothing to do with style.

Two sisters, same gene pool, same home, but very different personalities that are (amongst other things) reflected in the way they dress. Olivia, the older one, careful and serene. She knows what she likes and is pretty unswayable in her choice. From very early age on she wears what she considers beautiful, from vintage dresses to customized T-shirts and legwarmers. Eleni, the younger one, is a butterfly. She flies from one flower to the next, puts out her feelers here and there and you can always read her state of mind in her face. She loves accessories, nail decor and flowers and relentlessly combines this sweet payfulness with a cool tomboy look.

She likes shades of blue and leggings – that’s what I noticed first. But there is much more to Susanne than just a very unique style. She is a commited non-conformist, bass player, traveler and a handicraft specialist who thinks outside the box, who can turn waste into a small piece of art, who doesn’t need money to create spectacular outfits. Cutting edge looks with a hippie heart. She studied photography and filmmaking in Munich and is now a fine art student of photography in Leipzig.

He has got that very special eye for fashion, an instinct that is rare to find even in people who are much more experienced than him. Young of age, he knows exactly what he likes, is a very adventurous dresser and shows once more that it doesn’t take loads of money to dress excitingly fashionable. If this boy doesn’t end up somewhere in the fashion world I would be VERY surprised. Although he has got a great voice as well. And the boy can sing, that’s for sure.

People I have been following and admiring for quite a while and for various reasons. They all have one thing in common though – great individual style.