*Used and Unique – white boots

White shoes are a statement. I do not want to talk in cliches but a man in white loafers is either a playboy or yacht owner or both. Or he lives at the Cote d’Azur (with a yacht…as a playboy). A women wearing white footwear is not perceived quite as flamboyant – unless she is … Continue Reading

*244 Clara

You can’t ever go wrong with leopard. That’s a rule. My personal rule. Unless it’s a really, really badly made print, leopard is always cool. Timeless. Every age group looks good in it – from a cute little (leopard-) baby to Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style ladies. It can be elegant, sexy, sporty or even … Continue Reading

*71 The Good Things

‘The Good Things’ are things that stay with you, things you care for and you love. The Good Things don’t break, they defy all trends, they usually have a history and they sometimes have been passed on from one generation to the next. They are worn more or less frequently and they are NEVER given … Continue Reading