*269 Let’s be Gender Benders

It starts when we are born: ‘Its a boy/girl!’ And before we blink there is a pink or blue ribbon on a tiny wrist. Based on our primary sexual characteristics we get a label that dictates what colours to wear and how to behave for the rest of our lives. Female babies are addressed in … Continue Reading

*268 Friendship

What indicates the beginning of a great friendship? Is it pure coincidence? A byproduct of favourable circumstances? You happen to see a person more or less regularly for one reason or another, you get to know each other, start to appreciate each other’s company, to really like each other. That happens every once in a … Continue Reading

*260 Jovana

Still halten (Holding still) – that’s not Jovana’s thing. Constantly in motion, if not physically than at least mentally. A restless mind, keen on changes and challenges. She questions gender clichés relentlessly with every artform that she choses as a tool. And there are many thereof. Short films, video clips, writing and not to forget … Continue Reading

*259 Olivia

I was 14 years old when I started dying my hair for the first time. Bleaching, to be more precise. All through my childhood my hair had been a light blond but in puberty the blond gradually faded into the sort of mouse colour that nobody likes. I wore it short so I didn’t even … Continue Reading

*258 Susanne

Opinions are rather devided about the pageboy cut. I think I am not exaggerating when I say that roughly 99,9 % of all men take quite a dislike to it whereas most women think it’s super cute and cool (going back to my very personal experience when I had my hair cut pageboy style). Why … Continue Reading

*248 Jovana

Let me introduce Jovana. Brandnew member of the APS community. Like all my other models she was carefully observed and chosen. What I like about her in terms of fashion is that she is not overeager to please (and that she is wearing this awesome bob). She has a vision of herself and she is … Continue Reading