*Used and Unique – white boots

White shoes are a statement. I do not want to talk in cliches but a man in white loafers is either a playboy or yacht owner or both. Or he lives at the Cote d’Azur (with a yacht…as a playboy). A women wearing white footwear is not perceived quite as flamboyant – unless she is … Continue Reading

*Barb’s World #1

Sally: ‘Is this Pucci?’ Barb: ‘No, it’s Oxfam.’ ©JuliaRichter

*244 Clara

You can’t ever go wrong with leopard. That’s a rule. My personal rule. Unless it’s a really, really badly made print, leopard is always cool. Timeless. Every age group looks good in it – from a cute little (leopard-) baby to Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style ladies. It can be elegant, sexy, sporty or even … Continue Reading

*111 The Good Things – Trenchcoat

If you get one get a good one. Nothing worse than a cheap Trenchcoat. I don’t want to sound snobbish ( I do like some cheap trash!) but when it comes to classics it HAS to be the real thing. When the time came that I felt adult enough I treated myself to a classic … Continue Reading