*275 Masks and Freedom

‘Ah, that bloody thing again, you can’t breathe properly underneath it!’ Yeah, right, sometimes the air gets humid and heavy under the mask, especially when you’re physically exerting yourself. And you don’t recognize people anymore – the lower part of your face is more important than you think. Everything sounds muffled when wearing a mask. … Continue Reading

*270 Feminist

What does a feminist look like? No bra, hairy armpits, banner over her head, on her way to the next march for women’s rights. Could be. Why not. You noticed, I am embracing a stereotype, very unsubtly. Haha. But actually it’s not funny at all. First of all, what’s wrong with hairy armpits? Who told … Continue Reading

*263 Brigitta

Good style doesn’t come for free. If you are thinking about Birkin Bags and luxury labels now I can stop you right there. That’s not what I am talking about. Beautiful clothes don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money (and you cannot buy good style anyway). Sure, if you have a stack of … Continue Reading

*253 Julia X Story of my Shirt

‘Pick a piece with a story’ – that’s what Alex from the blog ‘Story of my Shirt’asked me when we had just decided to do a project together. It should be a piece from my wardrobe that means something special to me. Tough call. I have countless clothes that I found in little vintage shops … Continue Reading

*Used and Unique – Camel Coat

It was in Paris. I was with my friend Dodo and we sat outside a very French, very traditional bistro enjoying the last bit of autumn sun – when this woman walked in. We both turned our heads, conversation stalling. She was not a celebrity nor was she particularly beautiful (in fact, I can’t really … Continue Reading

*Used and Unique – white boots

White shoes are a statement. I do not want to talk in cliches but a man in white loafers is either a playboy or yacht owner or both. Or he lives at the Cote d’Azur (with a yacht…as a playboy). A women wearing white footwear is not perceived quite as flamboyant – unless she is … Continue Reading

*Used and unique – Granny Cardigan

It was love at first sight. I had this slow-motion-moment, when I passed by this table of very uninspiring folded sweaters and T-shirts at a local fleamarket. Suddenly my eyes got caught on emerald. I reached out for the colour underneath a pile of dull garments and pulled out a gem (that was the slow-motion-moment). … Continue Reading

*111 The Good Things – Trenchcoat

If you get one get a good one. Nothing worse than a cheap Trenchcoat. I don’t want to sound snobbish ( I do like some cheap trash!) but when it comes to classics it HAS to be the real thing. When the time came that I felt adult enough I treated myself to a classic … Continue Reading

*85 The Good Things – T-Shirts

Not much to say about those three. They are perfect. I bought them in charity shops, second hand stores, fleamarkets in L.A. and N.Y. a long time ago. They were cheap and used and I loved them and still do to this day. All three of them are my favorites. If you buy used T-shirts … Continue Reading

*80 The Good Things – 501

You can’t beat a good old well-worn pair of Levi’s 501s. They are classics. Almost unchanged over the decades they are my all-time favorite jeans for the so called ‘boyfriend’ style – a term invented to describe oversized, vintage looking (but mostly new and expensive), rolled up jeans, seen on actresses and models. My 501s … Continue Reading

*71 The Good Things

‘The Good Things’ are things that stay with you, things you care for and you love. The Good Things don’t break, they defy all trends, they usually have a history and they sometimes have been passed on from one generation to the next. They are worn more or less frequently and they are NEVER given … Continue Reading