First post in 2013 – and it’s a post about happiness. Happiness is when someone smiles a lot and has that certain glow in the eyes. It’s when everything about that person seems soft and relaxed. Happiness makes you feel comfortable and it changes the way you look, the way you dress. Sometimes you need fashion as an armour, it protects you and you can hide behind it. But if those good feelings reach out for you and wrap their arms around you there’s no need for a bulletproof vest anymore. When you are happy you feel like wearing bright colors or prints, you put on some childish accessories – and sometimes, just for once, you wear your hair pulled up in a little bun.

Susanne wears a jacket by Micro from a fleamarket, a men’s denim shirt by H+M, her friend’s leggings, Snow-Joggers by Rubberduck and a scarf that she bought in Mexico.


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