It’s about shoes – again. Don’t roll your eyes, this time it’s not about female shoe obsession or how a pair of shoes can change your life. This time it’s about men’s shoes (not sneakers!), the part of a man’s wardrobe that’s quite often underrated. A woman can transform her image with a pair of shoes, she can go from Jacky O. to Paris H. with just a change of footwear, a man however should never try that. Admittedly men don’t have the same range to chose from. Just go into a shoe store and look around: the women’s department is packed with massive racks of high heels, boots, flats, slippers in all shades and qualities – if you look for the men’s department you are usually sent to the basement or some dusty corner in the back (I am NOT talking about sneaker stores here). But even though the choice is smaller you can pick the right one. So here are a few rules from a woman’s point of view:
1. Don’t buy tiny shoes. They might fit you right but if they LOOK smaller than they are – don’t buy them, it always looks a bit undignified.
2. Go for the best quality that you can afford, when you buy classic shoes (e.g. Budapesters). It’s worth it and you can see it.
3. Don’t go for ‘fun’ shoes, if you want a fancy pair of shoes. A man’s shoe should always stay a man’s shoe. Avoid too many seams and only go for color blocking, two-tone or bright color but if you know EXACTLY what you’re doing (or have a woman assist you that knows a thing or two about good style).
4. Don’t be afraid – it’s easier than you think.
To me Joerg’s shoes are the essence of what a man’s shoe can be. They are of exquisite quality and have a classic shape and color, yet the narrow bootleg, the two tone leather and texture along with the long tassel make them incredibly stylish. Sure, the rest of the man is not bad either…

Joerg wears handmade boots by Eduard Meier, a jacket by Peregrine, underneath another jacket by Henrik Vibskov and pants by Haltbar.



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