We will continue to pretend it’s springtime. I am doing my best although this morning when I woke up the world was white again. ‘White’ as in ‘snow’. Makes my task a bit harder – but not impossible. I have to leave the house eventually but since I refuse to go back to the woollen beanie I open my closet and there it is, my wonderful collection of berets. To tell you the truth, I didn’t kow that I had so many until I started reorganizing my wardrobe a week ago. I was surprised to find out that I own 3 black ones (two are identical), two lobster colored ones (one is angora though!), a few more in pastel and a leopard one (I thought I once had a white one as well but it was nowhere to be found).
Do you want to know why I love berets so much? They are small, they are cheap, they never go out of style, they are indestroyable (if you are a moth-free household), they are classic, they don’t ruin your hair-do, you can wear them in different ways, they can add a dash of color to every dull outfit, they make your head look small and elegant and they do add a bit of….’french’. They can make you look like Faye Dunaway. If that’s still not enough, then watch a Sonia Rykiel fashion show.
A beret CAN look good on a man as well – but, careful, guys! Don’t wear it when you go out in the morning to get a baguette.

Julia wears a beret from Paris, blazer by Ralph Lauren, vintage Versace denim shirt, silk skirt by Essentiel, vintage Boots from a fleamarket, Kunert tights, a scarf from the Oxfam store in Notting Hill, gloves by Roeckl, an old belt from her mum, earrings from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and vintage sunglasses by Dior


©Frank Bauer

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