Pants are genderless. More or less. Except of the very curvy ones, and maybe palazzo pants…or capri pants….anyway, in general, pants can be worn by men and women. At least for some time now. When women started wearing pants it was nothing short of a revolution, because defying conventions meant freedom. Freedom to spread your legs, to run, to ride, to be active. One step closer to equal rights. Good thing, we didn’t have to give up wearing skirts in return. It’s nice to choose. Men are stuck with pants and if they are not Scottish (or Marc Jabobs) they will never experience how good it can feel to wear a skirt. Unless it’s time for a male revolution.

Susanne wears skirt from a friend’s grandmother, customized cardigan (made from a charity shop jumper), tank top from a fleamarket, handbag from a charity shop, sneakers by Deichmann free + fun, necklace from her grandfather and watch by Swatch.


©Julia Richter

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