My last Christmas post (I made an exception and asked Susanne to dress up a bit ‘christmassy’ for me as I wanted her to be my ‘Happy Holidays’ post). No matter if you love or hate Christmas, if you think it’s a big overcommercialized rigmarole or not, enjoy it anyways. Strip off all the tinsel and what’s left are a few days to spend with your loved ones. A time to exhale. A time to give. (A time to dress up.) You probably think ‘Dream on, darling!’ as in reality most of us (me included) will spend long hours on the raod or in the kitchen, but I still insist: It’s a time when the world (or at least my world) stands still for 2 days and I can concentrate on people that are important to me.
Have a happy Christmas ♥

Susanne wears a vintage dress from the inheritance of an opera singer, vintage shoes by Elisabeth, a Farfalla Necklace from Accessorize and earrings from her grandmother.


©Julia Richter

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