You might have noticed by now – I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood. It’s the 3rd time I put her on my ‘Icons’ board. I’ve talked about her unique sense of fashion, her style and her refusal to compromise quite a bit. What I haven’t talked about so far (and what makes me admire her even more) is her commitment to environmental causes, meaning climate change.
But if you think her work is done by designing a few T-shirts, donating the profits or being photographed at a climate march – you are mistaken. If Vivienne does something, she goes all the way. Visit the ‘Climate Revolution’ site, read ‘Vivienne’s diary’, let her explain to you the banking system and why capitalism ruins our climate and understand that it’s not contradictory to talk like that and run a fashion empire that seemingly depends on people spending more and more.
If you want to start being active now by buying a T-shirt – do so. Looking good and acting good was never a contradiction either. But if you wear a powerful slogan like that on your chest, be aware that it’s a commitment and you should well know what it stands for.

Vivienne wears her own designs.


©Julia Richter

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