We all try to be good, right? We try to do our bit to make the world a better place (if you don’t – stop reading here.), like not destroying nature, being helpful, not wasting resources, treating animals well etc.etc. Not destroying nature…..phew…not so easy….our modern lifestyle provides us with everything we need for a smooth day-to-day routine – and we got used to it. Take-away coffees, ready-to-eat-meals, tons of plastic containers that carry our shampoos, smoothies, hand-creams and yoghurts. Not to forget the convenience of online shopping. You had a bad day at work? Why not go online and buy a new pair of shoes? Makes you feel better immediately. Just the thought of it! 2 days later the package arrives, you unwrap the long-awaited goods….nothing better than that. Shopping for clothes makes me happy, that’s for sure. It’s a quick-fading happiness and it is a substitute for something, I am well aware of that – but still. What makes me even more happy is when I get something for a good price. Unfortunately I cannot stand poor quality, cheap looking clothes and running into people that wear the same dress than me. What can I do? I am getting to the point now: The climax of happiness to me (in terms of shopping-happiness) is going to my local Oxfam store, roaming the racks for a few minutes and picking out a dark blue vintage dress with a quilted front and little beads, that looks like it jumped right out of a Isabel Marant collection – and the price tag says € 12,99. That’s one little thing I do to save the world. I recycle. I buy used stuff. Not always, but often. It saves resources, waste and energy and helps people in need. I save money. I get something that’s new to me. Triple happiness. It’s so pleasant to be a good person.

Susanne’s whole outfit is from fleamarkets, except the safety pin by Guess on her jacket. That was a gift from me to her.


©Julia Richter

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