Let me introduce Jovana. Brandnew member of the APS community. Like all my other models she was carefully observed and chosen. What I like about her in terms of fashion is that she is not overeager to please (and that she is wearing this awesome bob). She has a vision of herself and she is persuing it almost relentlessly. No, that doesn’t quite do her justice, it’s too aggressive. But I do see a potential for excentricity in her. And I definitely like that. With this long term blog I have to plan into the future ! It’s always a gamble, once I pick a model we’re stuck with each other, no matter what. I want to follow them for the rest of their lives (Jovana, that’s not a threat! And you are much younger than me anyway, so you will eventually get rid of me). I am way too curious to let go if they drift into a phase of neglect or conformism. It’s not only about fashion (it is, but there might be more to a person than just fashion?) And maybe that phase passes and they rise from the ashes even more extravagant than before! That’s the beauty of this blog. I whitness my models changes. And I am pretty convinced that Jovana has a lot in store for us.

Jovana wears a vintage dress and Birkenstocks.


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