‘Pick a piece with a story’ – that’s what Alex from the blog ‘Story of my Shirt’asked me when we had just decided to do a project together. It should be a piece from my wardrobe that means something special to me. Tough call. I have countless clothes that I found in little vintage shops or fleamarkets, bought at special places or wore to special occasions. But there is a small group among them that does stick out. The clothes I inherited. They come with a history. Like my dad’s woollen tartan pants from the 70s.
My dad is my height and was obviously almost my size back then (I am still wondering how they ever fit him though – they liked it tight back in the days, that’s for sure). Why I picked those pants? I can give you three good reasons: First of all because I like that my dad once wore them. Family business. There are still pictures of him wearing the complete suit, looking very 70s Jack Nicholson with huge sideburns and a moustache, makes me all sentimental. Second – I just like to wear men’s clothes. Always did. It’s cool. And third – the 70s are my favourite decade, can’t help it. I am built 70s. No boobs, no hips, straight hair, bad posture. What I am also drawn to is the sort of childlike innocence that emanates from this decade. The aura of a young Paul McCartney with a big beard sitting on a fence on his farm in Scotland dressed in a bathrobe and wellies. That’s the kind of naive hippie spirit that makes me feel all soft inside. I know that the 70s weren’t innocent at all,it was the time of the Vietnam war, atomic threats, Watergate, the RAF, I am well aware, but maybe that’s what enhances the attraction. Peace and love in in the face of fear and threat. It feels a bit like nowadays: Worldwide crisis, refugees, terror threats. And nonetheless there is humanity, help and altruism. I still have the innocent notion that love and understanding is the only way to fight war and terror. Call me naive but that’s what I believe. Hippie at heart, I guess.

Read the full interview about my dad’s pants on ‘Story of my Shirt’.

I am wearing (apart from my dad’s pants), an at least 15 year old sweater by Club Monaco and vintage boots by Costume National.

Thank you, my darling Frank, for taking those spectacular pictures in our home.

julia_richter-253.1©Frank Bauer

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