‘The Good Things’ are things that stay with you, things you care for and
you love. The Good Things don’t break, they defy all trends, they usually
have a history and they sometimes have been passed on from one generation
to the next. They are worn more or less frequently and they are NEVER
given away, but always passed on (or taken to the grave).
My cowboy-boots have been with me for almost 15 years. I found them in
a dusty little shack in L.A., a place crammed with used cowboy boots. I don’t
know what kind of stories they would tell if they could speak or who owned
them before me – I just know that our feet must have the exact same shape as
they fit me like a glove.
Quite often cowboy boots get misinterpreted, they get assigned to a certain
species of people, are classified ‘hot’ – or not, at times they are seen more
frequently, sometimes they seem to have vanished from the streets. But they
always symbolize something. Some think ‘freedom, vast land, horses, cattle,
campfire’ others associate ‘hillbilly-bar, bad perm, tight leatherwear’, but
when you really  take a close look you see a pair of very well made boots with
beautiful leather intarsia and embroidery, practical, useful, comfortable,
protecting and made to last, boots for hard labour – it’s up to you to put them
into context.


















© Julia Richter

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