Being well dressed is simple. You just need a few classy
pieces, you throw them together casually and there you go.
Unfortunately it’s not that easy.
The more simple you go the more important it is to choose
the right pieces. Bernd abstains from any kind of accessories
except of his favorite scarf, but he choses color and texture
wisely. Shades of brown, indigo, bottle green and the rough
texture of wool in combination with subtle styling details
like the knot of the scarf and the turn-up sleeves make this look
so extraodinary and masculine – like the smell of tabacco and
moss. And if you set yourself up in front of a wall that happens
to match you color palette perfectly, you just need someone to
take your picture…

Bernd wears trailshirt by  Pendleton, a T-shirt by Lee,  jeans
by Levi’s and a scarf by Polo Ralph Lauren.



















© Julia Richter

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