Navy and White – that’s as classic as you can go. School uniforms, nautical dress code, marine, business people. The colors of respectability and correctness. People who wear navy and white don’t mess around. But what if a person who is dressed navy and white from head to toe (and wears a gold watch – symbol of status and wealth – along with it) all of a sudden pulls out a phone with a kitty cat cover? And has got a tiny little camomile flower peaking out from the breast pocket? Then, I suppose, it’s time to throw all your klischee dress codes overboard (see, we keep the nautical theme) and enjoy the sight of a fun, well dressed man.

Joerg wears organic jeans by Kuyichi, shirt by James Perse, jacket by Samsoe+Samsoe, suede shoes by Rokin, a Lali Puna (band) tote bag, Casio watch an H+M phone cover.


©Julia Richter

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