I am very happy to introduce my newest and youngest models Olivia and her sister Eleni. Equipped with the same gene pool, two years apart in age, they have surprisingly different preferences when it comes to fashion. You might be right to argue that girls that age still reflect their moms taste (as she is usually the person buying the clothes), but I had the chance to observe those two young ladies for quite a while and they surely know what they do and don’t like, no matter what their mom says. They also follow quite a different style direction. Olivia is all lady. She loves dresses, skirts, patent leather and jewellery and likes her hair as long and shiny as possible, whereas Eleni usually not even bothers to comb her hair and is rarely seen in anything else than shorts or leggings.
I am very excited to follow those two girls on their style journey, see how they develop and find out if something like ‘a personal style’ is already preassigned and gets more and more emphasized over the years or if you try out different styles and finally stick with one direction that seems to suit you best.

Olivia wears a dress and a ribbon hair pin from a fleamarket, a necklace by C+A and a headband by Accessorize.
Eleni wears shorts and a T-shirt by Benetton, leggings by H+M, a necklace from her aunt Susi, a headband by Accessorize , self-made bracelets and a hand splint from an orthopaedic shop.

©Julia Richter

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