Opposites attract. White likes Black. Salt likes pepper. But those two are not meant to be blended, they lead their seperate lives in more or less charming shakers on our kitchen shelves and only ever unite to convert edibles from raw ingredients into a savoury meal. Not anymore. They’ve left their single days behind and started a longterm relationship in our wardrobe. And it’s different this time around. Unlike the 50s and 60s when a nice and neat salt and pepper tweed coat was obligatory for every male office worker, our contrasting couple is aiming for the females this time around. At least since Isabel Marant teamed up with H+M you cannot get around an oversized salt and pepper blazer or coat. What is it about this itchy, masculine material that makes it so attractive to the female population? Opposites attract. They enhance each other. It’s the ingredient you need to convert clothes into style.

Corey wears a salt and pepper tweed blazer from a 2nd hand shop in Berlin , jeans by Dr. Denim Jeansmakers, a sweater by Sonia, shoes by Les prairies de Paris, sunglasses by The Row and a bag by Rick Owens.



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