Some clothes have a story. Some don’t. Some irritate you and make you wonder. Irritation can be negative and disturbing, something out of the ordinary that bothers you. But it can also be refreshing, can make you stop, think and maybe even smile. If you see someone wearing a leather hat with a handle-like thing on top and heavy, unzipped military boots you definitely start to wonder what’s the story. A guy who looks like he just stepped out of a Marvel Comic. Dressed all black and graphit with mirrored shades, quite sophisticated despite of his unusual headgear. Could be a regular guy with an eccentric taste – or a superhero. Someone who can bend iron bars with his bare hands. I think we are getting close to the story here.

Dirk wears a jacket, pants and a sweater by Hannes Roether, a vintage military cap used by russian tank drivers, military boots used by german marines, cashmere scarf by FTC and sunglasses by Margiela for Mykita.


©Julia Richter

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