Springtime has arrived the moment Susanne comes strolling around the
corner. Isn’t it beautiful that you can greet a season by the way you dress
yourself? All those pretty pastel shades, the soft flowers on her sweater,
even her watch they all sing a lovely song to celebrate springtime! I am
getting carried away. But I just like the fact that you can influence your
perception, you can trick youself and anyone around you into thinking
‘Oh, it must be springtime, she is dressed so lovely..’ (even when it’s still
freezing outside) (..or how I instantly get into a christmassy mood the
moment I put on my fancy black sweater with the sequinned christmas
-tree ball embroidery – but that’s a different story told another time..).
Isn’t it the greatest time of the year when you finally switch from those
dark and spicey fall/winter colours to cotton candy and ice cream? When
a first hungry bee lands on your flower printed skirt trying to steal some
nectar? Just take a good look at Susanne and get inspired.

Susanne is dresses from head to toe in fleamarket finds, just her watch is
by swatch.




























© Julia Richter


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