Let’s talk about tabacco. I’m not talking about whether to light up or not, I am talking about the most masculine of all colours. The most earthy smelling colour, the most archaic one. Tabacco is the colour of distinguished ‘savoir vivre’. It demands a fire-place, the smell of leather and wood (maybe a pipe – but those days might be irretrievably over), a cut glass filled with unwatered vintage liquor, a precious hound at your feet. It wants a soft texture like velvet or corduroy and it’s best worn after sunset, when the world loses its harshness. You probably think I am some kind of Clark-Gable obsessed spinster who spends her evenings in front of the screen watching ‘Gone with the wind’ in infinite loop dreaming of a nobleman (dressed in tabacco, smelling of wood and leather…t.b.c.) ringing her doorbell and asking her out to dance? You think I am stuck in anitiquated klischees of the male species? Well, maybe I am a bit and maybe deep in my heart I sometimes wish back those times when people still enjoyed dressing up at home and sweat pants were for physical education only. That’s why I enjoy Bernd’s company so much. (Don’t get me wrong, I love sweat pants – as we speak I am wearing some – and they can be worn quite glamourously, but I think that’s another story told another time)

Bernd wears tabacco Blazer by Marc O’Polo, H+M pants a shirt by Ralph Lauren and shoes by Crockett+Jones.


©Julia Richter

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